Monday, December 31, 2012

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII American Armour & 28mm Viet Cong (78 points)

Chris has just moved between cities in New Zealand and so is catching up on his painting with this entry of some 15mm U.S. armour and a squad of Viet Cong.

From Chris:
So, some more painting. I have just moved house, moved cities so painting time has been at a premium! Apparently painting is not a "good use of time", nor is it "helping unpack". Which is problematic!  
But I had these 90% finished before we moved, so I have managed to finish them up while the mrs has been in the shower, or getting ready (a suprisingly large amount of time). 
Anyway, first up we have an M4A1 Sherman armed with a 76mm gun. A Battlefront model, nothing special about it really. I have been pretty sparse with stars/markings- I know they were common but I personally am not a huge fan of the look.
Next is 4 M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyers, again from Battlefront. Designed specifically for the job of hunting tanks, these babies are light, fast and pack a good punch with their 76mm guns. I have liked the Hellcat for some time now, I might have to acquire another unit of them so that I can run a Hellcat company at some stage! 
Then, we are back into 28mm with some Viet Cong from Eureka Miniatures. These are a motley bunch, with a wide variety of equipment, especially armament! Some are equipped with the lovely No 3 Enfield, others with an AK derivative, one even with a captured M16!

The models are pretty good- I love how much detail Eureka put into their figures, but every once and a while they get faces absolutely wrong. There is also a few too many mould lines to clear up for my tastes.
The biggest issue is that they only sell these 10! Which means I have to go looking to other manufacturers for other VC miniatures.

Excellent work Chris. Those tank destroyers look like their 28mm scale! Issues aside I particularly like those Eureka VC - hopefully they expand the range soon.

This collection will give Chris 78 points.


  1. The Hellcats my favourite, got to love something with a lot of punch


  2. Nice work Chris. The only thing sweeter would be seeing VC driving and riding Hellcats. A nice day's work for you in the Challenge.


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