Monday, December 31, 2012

From GregB: 28mm Downed Soviet Pilots & Mujahideen with Stinger Missile (15 points)

From Greg:
Just a small submission to try and keep the momentum up. Not many points, but these have been in my pending pile since the summer and I want to get them moved off. This is a pair or downed Russian chopper pilots, 28mm scale from Mongrel Miniatures.  They will make excellent objectives for Afghanistan games pitting the Mujahideen against the Soviet army. 
The Mogrel sculpts are fantastic to work with - their modern range is one of the best.  These pilots capture the character present in much of the range - the one fellow looks to have a separated shoulder, and both look wary of their circumstances...
Lastly, a 28mm Afghan guerilla from Eureka armed with a stinger missile.  He completes the downed Soviet helo pilots - mujahideen armed with stingers became a factor late in the USSRs ill-fated occupation of Afghanistan. 

This guy will be a nice addition to my large assortment of mujahideen from Mongrel miniatures.

Very characterful models and you've done a fabulous job with them, Greg. 

These three figures will give Greg 15 point to add to his total.


  1. Great stuff, the goggles on the pilots' helmets look great

  2. for a small entry they pack a real punch, great painting.
    Peace James

  3. Thse are very nice, the casting do look and well painted to make them great



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