Sunday, December 30, 2012

From Millsy: ECW Regimental Command Stands for Talbot, Northhampton, Apsley and Rupert (52 points)

Another submission from the painting desk at Chez Millsy…
Some command stands for my 28mm ECW force this time. These are Bicorne and Renegade miniatures and represent colonel’s colour parties from the regiments of Talbot, Northampton, Apsley and Rupert. Talbot’s colour (above) is actually the first captain’s colour (the colonel’s colour is pretty plain by comparison). 

I love both the Bicorne and Renegade miniatures but if I had to choose it would be Bicorne. It’s the same sculptor but the Bicorne are just a bit more varied and elaborately dressed. As ZZ Top so eloquently explained, “Women go crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” Next up from me some Spanish and British Napoleonics in 28mm.

Again, another lovely set of ECW command stands from Millsy.

These eight figures will give him a base of 40 points but I'll award another 12 for the four standards and the effort put into the groundwork, so 52 total. 


  1. Gorgeous figures and lovely basing. I agree about Bicorne having the edge. I just love painting their figures too.

  2. nice job - gotta love a nice flag

  3. Wow great work again, I love the extra work you give your bases
    Peace James

  4. Just like the two before these just look the business



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