Saturday, September 18, 2021

Noel Williams

Yesterday I received the very sad news that our friend Noel Williams had passed away this August.

Fellow participants of the Painting Challenge know Noel well from his wonderfully creative, loquacious and hilarious submissions to our little event (he was a poet after all).  I always knew, that when a Noel entry was posted, that I'd be entertained by his great wit, impressed by his furious industry and invigorated by his ebullient enthusiasm. 

He will be greatly missed.

Wishing you smooth sailing and open skies, Noel.



  1. This is horrible news indeed. Noel's entries were always so fullsome - each one like a snapshot from an RPG game that really brought you into a small world, not just a look at what was painted.

    Thankyou Noel for your wonderful contributions to our small but close community. We are all the better for having had you with us

  2. How sad to hear, he was a delight when I dealt with him as a minion and his posts were wonderfully entertaining, even before you got to the prodigious output!
    Best Iain

  3. That is really sad news, although I never had chance to meet him and my only interaction with him was via the AHPC, he was always such a Gent and his huge output each year was amazing to see.
    Rest in peace Noel.

  4. Sorry for your loss, fellows. Sounds like Noel was one of the good guys.

  5. Noel will be missed greatly. However I will look forward to gaming with him and filling him in on what he missed once I follow him on that adventure.

  6. I met Noel as one of the umpires at the Great Game in Glasgow - a true gentleman. RIP


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