Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Scots Cavalry and British Grenadiers (33 points)

From Ray:
For my 10th entry, we're crossing the Irish sea back to Scotland, here we have two units that fought on either side at the Battle of Killicrankie.
Firstly we have the very small troop of Scots Cavalry, there were only 40 men in the troop, hence only 5 figures in the unit, really it should have been 3 or 4 figures, but that would have looked a little daft! 
Again they're Essex figures and have a mixed uniform. 
The second entry are Lauders Grenadiers, they were made up from the three regts of the Scots Brigade, Balfour's, Ramsay's and Mackay's. I think I may have to repaint some of their faces as the ink has set a little heavy on them, but hey ho!!

Great work Ray. I remember when I started blogging a little over two years ago I came across Ray's blog and enjoyed following his new foray into the Nine Years War. Flags, art, history, all excellent stuff and here he is, still faithfully bashing away at it!  I applaud your single-minded focus on this period Ray, it's quite inspiring! Nonetheless, I have to ask: When will we see a game featuring all these lovely miniatures?

These two units will give Ray 33 points. Well done Mr. Rousell!


  1. Lovely stuff Ray, but how come so few figures? Looking at your score and your target, I guess that means you've got about 500 15mm cavalry sitting there part-painted! ;)

  2. I do have a few things just waiting to be photographed and a few things nearly finished, but know where near the 500 point mark!

  3. These are nice, shame about the extra bit of ink but you can sort that out quickly



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