Thursday, December 22, 2011

From ChrisP: "THIS IS POOCH!" 28mm Spartan Hoplite (5 points)

Sorry about the title - I really couldn't help myself.

Chris Pooch from New Zealand has sent in the forerunner for his upcoming Spartan army. 

This is a 28mm plastic model from Immortal Miniatures. I quite like the look of this fellow especially the 'man-sized' shield and the correct looking spear (dory, right?) with the rear spike.  I'll have to pick up some of these for myself.

As you can see Chris did a very nice job freehanding the Lambda on the shield. That being said, he'll probably loose his mind trying to replicate that on his whole force. Well, look on the bright side, Chris, at least they didn't pick  'Sparta Pwns U' as their shield device...

This chap will put Chris on the board with 5 points, but its 5 Spartan points which must worth at least 50 regular points, right? Right?  ;)


  1. Well 5 points is a start. I see a lot of the others with..... zero points!

    The figure is very well painted, and I got faith in it that he will manage to paint the shields all the same ;-)


  2. The bronze color is great, very real. One army of them? You are going to be an specialist in bronze and lambdas.


  3. Nice and 5pts. is more then I have!


  4. Very nice, I've really gotta get my finger out!!!

  5. He is lovely - I second Juan on that bronze, looks ace.

  6. awesome job old friend, i to like the bronze looks great

  7. Thanks for the kind words guys, looks like I will have to keep the crowds happy by putting up more Greeks! Don't worry, I have a plan....


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