Thursday, December 22, 2011

From DaveD: 28mm Antoine Charles Louis, comte de Lasalle! (15 points)

Dave from England has submitted this fine figure depicting the famous French light cavalry leader General Lasalle.

This is an older 28mm Bicorne casting that pays homage to the painting by Edouard Detaille which depicts Lasalle at the Battle of Wagram, leading cuirassiers in his final charge. The pipe is also a good touch.

Dave did some nice conversion work on the horse's tail and used wire to better define the reigns. Well done!

 I'm awarding Dave an extra 5 points for the effort he put into the conversion which gives him 15 points total.


  1. This Challenge is becoming very hard... after two days only!!!

    Very nice model.


  2. Nice as he watches yet another person rack up points.


  3. Very nice!!! still on 0 points!!!!! Come on Ray get your finger out!!!
    Question for you Curt - I've got loads of casualty figures to paint up in 15mm, will I still get full points for these or will you do the dirty nad cut some of the points?

  4. I have to say at fist glance I couldnt figure out what he was holding up - for one horribly moment I thought it had been a sword but the model had got dropped... Even in the picture I had always thought it was a sword, curving away into the distance... never realised it was a pipe! Very cleverly done.

  5. @Scott: Regarding that pipe, I'll have a post for you on that very subject.

    @Ray: Show me what you got and I'll decide then. Depends on the casting - many casualty figures are, as you know, pretty two-dimensional.

  6. Seen this figure also in 20mm. A very nice copy of the painting.

    Great painted figure and very nice conversion!



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