Thursday, December 29, 2011

From TimB: 28mm Ancient Greek Psiloi (15 points)

Since Kent's charge to the lead Tim is having to take time to dig deep. In the meantime he sends in this stand of Ancient Greek spearmen.

These are 28mm Crusader miniatures. Tim is using them for his DBA Greeks acting as Psiloi. Man, I really like the varied groundwork Tim has done for these guys. Excellent stuff!

This group will give Tim 15 points.

Next for Tim will be more early-war Great War British and then on to Greek hoplites.


  1. Very nice, Tim, and the groundwork is fantastic.

  2. Love the groundwork, definaely going to have to get some of those tufts of flowers, they look fab, even when used sparingly. Nice painting too.



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