Friday, December 30, 2011

From GregB: 28mm Napoleonic Austrians (100 points)

Greg follows up from his Syrian T55s with this excellent battalion of Napoleonic Austrians, the IR#27 'Styria'. 

These are venerable 28mm Wargames Foundry castings. This unit is 40 figures strong but Greg tells me that of these only 20 figures fit within the timeline of the Challenge.

Greg and I are getting together later in January for a weekend gaming blitz. One of the games we'll be doing is Vandamme's assault on the Pratzen heights. This battalion will serve as one of the six battalions that made up IR#23 'Salzburg' that were part of the Allied position on the Stare Vinohrady.  

Greg's Austrian collection is beautiful so it will be a real treat to have it out for a big game (well, big for us anyway).

These 20 figures will give Greg 100 points to add to his score. Great work Greg!


  1. Oh my!

    That's a simply gorgeous looking unit, Greg!

  2. these look real good, how long did they take to paint?

  3. absolutely beautiful figures very well painted sad they don't all fit in the time zone but no doubt there will be more that which i look forward to seeing

  4. Wonderful (and big) unit; very nice painting and basing job.

  5. Thanks everyone. @Henry - I painted the first 20 in about a week and a half, then finished the last 20 in three days or so (more time available thanks to the holidays). Basing takes about two more days, with most of that time taken for the gel medium "goop" I put on the base to dry.

  6. Really nice looking Austrians; the basing is also very nice, but why so much empty space to the front of the formation? Best, Dean

  7. Superb work - I agree with the other comments that your painting and basing are top notch!

  8. @Dean: I'll hop in here and answer about the bases. We decided upon a base that allows greater depth to both protect muskets and outstretched arms, etc and to also allow us to place in figures and terrain elements for more dioramic effects. You can see this with all my Napoleonic basing, for example my unit of Rifles benefits from having the room to play around with figure composition:

    For figures with a tight footprint (ie marching poses) we often place the ranks at the front of the base thereby allowing room at the back for officers, NCO, stragglers, wounded, etc.


  9. Curt - thanks for filling in on the bases. I hope to do a firing-pose unit soon to take better advantage of our basing scheme.


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