Friday, December 30, 2011

From JohnM: Napoleonic Prussians '4th Pomeranian' (130 points)

John presents his opening salvo with this fine entry of Napoleonic late-period Prussians depicting the 4th Pomeranian Regiment (IR21)

These are from the excellent Calpe range of 28mm miniatures. 

John tells me that the figures for this unit were acquired over two purchases and he did not realize that the uniforms are slightly different between the two lots. Both depict a British-supplied uniform but the details regarding the lace and cuffs are slightly different.  So he decided to paint the two styles different facing colours to differentiate the two battalions, red and green. In the future he will get another 24 castings so he can properly fill-out both battalions and have them fully represented.

The basework is excellent on this unit and I particularly like the pose of the colour bearer - him charging with the colour lowered is very dynamic. Flag is by the excellent 'Flag Dude'.

John tells me that 26 of these were done after the Challenge start-date (one stand of skirmishers predates the rest). So, this gives John a tidy 130 points - Bravo!


  1. Good work John! They have a very nice forward movement about them.


  2. Very nice painting!! I've finally got a few figures painted, need to get them photographed, get me some points on that there board!!!

  3. very colourful unit nicely painted to

  4. Beautiful unit, John! They look like they're ready to GO!

  5. Excellent, I just paint 6mm Naps but these guys look stunning, love to see them when filled out

  6. Gorgeous! I love the action-feel of this unit.


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