Friday, December 30, 2011

From DallasE: 28mm 1980s American Infantry in MOPP (120 points)

My good friend Dallas from Winnipeg sends in this great entry of 1980s era American infantry in MOPP suits. (aka 'Mission Oriented Position Posture' - wtf?! 'Position, Posture'? Good grief, can't these military guys ever speak english?) 

These lads are 28mm Eureka Miniature castings. I particularly like the amber effect Dallas used for the gasmask lenses - very cool.

Dallas, Greg and the rest of the guys from The Fawcett Avenue Conscripts use stuff like this to play alternate history Cold War scenarios, FutureWar scenarios (Gun Schwarm, FuturKom, SpaceKrieg, etc.) and that perennial favorite: surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. 

This group of 24 will give Dallas a very respectable 120 points. Welcome to the Challenge, Dallas!


  1. Wow! Spectacular work; the eyes are especially well painted. I wore that MOPP 4 many times when I was in; the mask lens would usually get fogged up a bit even with a good seal. I couldn't wait for the "All Clear" to unmask. Best, Dean

  2. Great work and so many of them.

  3. Very nice work painting them, they are great. Very interesting models.
    From Eureka?...


  4. Thanks for the comments, guys! Yes, they are from Eureka. Can hardly wait to see some heavy weapons in this range - I have all of Eureka's Bundeswehr models and they gave filled out that range nicely. Looking forward to tomorrow's game with the MOPP men vs Chemical Commies!

  5. Looks great Dallas! The Chemical Commies will be fired up to see these fellows!

  6. They look utterly brilliant! Thanks for sharing! I heard some stories about Eureka's 28mm minis being much smaller than others of the same scale. Is this true? How are they when standing next to and Imperial Guard model for example?

  7. Hey Trunkmonkey! Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's true, these models are more like "true 25s" than they are like GW Guardsmen. I don't think the two would mix well at all.

    1. Thanks for the information Dallas! It's a shame really, I was going to use them for a zombie game but seeing as they won't scale up to other models, I'll have to look elsewhere ...


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