Thursday, January 23, 2014

From LeeH: 6mm WWII British Armour (16 points)

From LeeH:
A little entry this time, but a necessary one. These Grants tanks and Deacon SPG's are needed for a game I'm running in a couple of weeks time. They replace some Sherman's in an 8th Army Heavy Tank Squadron that were not available at the time of the battle I am running. 
Painting 6mm tanks are pretty simple compared to 15mm and these took just a a couple of short sessions to finish off. Most of the time was spent waiting for earlier stages to dry before moving to the next bit!

The Grant Tanks for this company come in a platoon of three but I have painted a fourth to represent General 'Pip' Roberts in his HQ tank. Roberts is a Warrior and Higher Command Team and allows failed Company Moral Tests to be re-rolled... so he's a bit useful in a tight spot old chap!  
I love these little fellas. The are like 3D board-game chits, especially with the sleek rounded corners and neat labelling. I think they provide an excellent aesthetic.

These eight microscale vehicles will give Lee 16 points. Great work Mr. H! I look forward to seeing the upcoming game on your blog.


  1. Simple or not, they look great. Sometimes it's hard to add interest at small scale or with a limited palette.

  2. These are good Lee, always impressed with your neat style


  3. Nice one Lee. I have always had a fondness for a coffin for 7 brothers. And really looking forward to the game next weekend. Shame there will be no Fran.

    1. I'm looking forward to it... I think! Pity Fran can't make it but I'm sure there will be other opportunities.

  4. These have just sneaked me above 300 points, the half way mark to my target. Time for a little celebratory dance....

    ...ok, now my work colleges are looking at me funny. Maybe I should have done that at home.

  5. Great entry Lee, I am always impressed with your 6mm desert additions

  6. I agree with Andrew. These are very cool.

  7. Nice work, Lee! Basing and detail are grand, better than store pics for 15mm!

  8. Great. Lee , I do like these a lot..

  9. Well done Lee - these are very nice, crisp and clean looking. And the labels are great too.

  10. Nice work Lee, I look forward to seeing these in the flesh in Feb!


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