Monday, February 13, 2012

From Curt: 28mm Napoleonic French Unit/Casualty Markers (45 points)

As promised, here are a few more Napoleonic French unit/casualty stands. Each of these will attach itself with a battalion to keep track of the unit name/organization and various status levels.

These are a mix of Foundry and Perry 28mm models.

I think for the next batch, in order to mix it up, I will incorporate musicians, some medicos and perhaps some looters.

For this group I'm going to give myself 45 points. Up soon will be my Norman archers (finally) and then on to something a bit different.


  1. More great looking bases, lots of character in them

  2. Great models.
    I also really like the trees in the background. Did you make them yourself or buy them? I'm planning on basing and making a whole lot of scenery soon, so any tips would be good!

  3. Cheers guys!

    @Salacious Crumb: I really cannot take any credit for the trees as they are offered as great kits from 'Architects of War'. I have a review of them here:

    It is a product which is pretty much bomb-proof as you only have to paint, flock and socket the trees into the resin bases. They're quite robust as well.

    AND 'Architects of War' is also our prize sponsor for the Painting Challenge!


  4. Those are amazing Curt! I really like the muddy pant cuff detail...

    More blood though! There's five litres of it in a human and it comes out fast!

  5. Very nice markers, Curt, an interesting idea with very well painted models.

    Best regards

  6. Excellent bases Curt, very well done!

  7. Thanks guys!

    @Tim: Yeah, I'm thinking of going back to embellish them a bit. I'd like to dremel a hole in the shako of the poleaxed guy in the second image. Sort of a gory homage to that scene in 'Waterloo' when Picton catches one in his tophat.

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    1. Thanks Monty! Its nice to get a favourable comment on some of the older stuff.


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