Sunday, March 10, 2013

From IanW: 15mm and 6mm ECW and Napoleonics (187 points)

From Ian:

I did all these at the same time so I had a full desk
All the unbased are 15mm Museum Miniatures ECW for Matt. First up the four mounted dragoons that will be going on some of he bases with the dismounted guys for FOG:R then we have two lots of ten dismounted Dragoons all Royalist and are Robert Howard's regiment. The green turnback is pure conjecture but they were clothed in red. The trousers are of mixed colours as these often ended up being replaced faster than jackets or liberating from, well anybody.

The Cavalry are Sir Thomas Aston's Horse, another Oxford Army unit so I painted them with blue jackets as most of the Kings Oxford army seemed to be clothed in blue. I have done twelve of these. I really liked the guy with a pair of pistols so put a bit more detail on them. The cornet has an old Revo flag attached and seems over small especially as the guy is carrying an impossibly long and stupid flag pole he must have dug out of the ground! I did however have fun replicating it on the trumpeter's banner, all told I felt that came out well.

Next up? well that would be the same regiments but this time in 6mm by Baccus! This is a project that has stalled over the last six months so needed a bit of love. I got carried away and did enough dismounted Dragoons for two regiments so will change the facing on one lot at some point. I have yet to start Matt's guns and crews but have done two of mine to be going on with.

Sticking with 6mm I have also finished another Adler Napoleonic Command stand, all the pics were really bad so you get the best of a bad lot. It's just heavy fog and drizzle here day after day so no good pics.
I know I get points deducted for not basing (fine by me) but how about a base with no figures? Actually it has 20,000 6mm painted figures but all have cloaking devices switch on  ;-) Actually a test piece for the new style basing I will be doing for the Prussians.
Oh I also had a job interview and we discussed my 6mm painting of figures, how's that for style points? Now waiting to see if I get it which would be a godsend though when they asked when could I start I replied not till after the Painting Challenge ends on the 20th LOL.

Lovely work Ian. I think my favourite is the 6mm Napoleonic command stand - gorgeous work.

This group will give Ian 187 points. Best of luck with the new job prospect!


  1. Lovely work Ian. I like the fact that you even did the green turnbacks on the 6mm dragoons!

    Fingers crossed for you on the job front :)

  2. "...when they asked when could I start I replied not till after the Painting Challenge ends on the 20th LOL"

    Kudos. ;-)

  3. Great Job ! I love the napoleonic base

    I put a link on my blog : http://figurinesHist.blogspot

    If someone want that I add his blog, he can send mi a message :

  4. That 6mm command stand is absolutely gorgeous Ian.

  5. Nice work Ian ,

    I think you have the wrong the wrong shade of transparent on the lapels on that last photo though....

  6. Thanks guys and full LOL thanks to Dave ;-)

    I am not sure this job thing is really happening, seems it's a tactic to keep me from painting with the call backs I have had. Hoping for a early April start



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