Thursday, January 12, 2012

From RayR: 15mm 1904 Japanese Cavalry (144 points)

Building upon the theme of the infantry he sent in a few days ago, Ray has here two units of Japanese cavalry from the Russo-Japanese War.

This first group of three pics is of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. While the last trio are of the 1st Regiment.

These are all 15mm Old Glory castings.

Very sharp units. I really like the groundwork on these two regiments.

Next up from Ray will be Nine Years War Huguenots which will be very interesting to see.

These two units will bring Ray a tidy 144 points, which will slide him into second place! Bravo! (Now just double it and you'll be within striking distance of Kent...)


  1. 2nd place!!!!!! woo hoo!! but for how long??????

  2. ...and maybe we'll see some of his own figures he didn't get overpaid for, I'm sorry but I feel sick at this travesty!

  3. I vote ray gets an extra 1000 points and goes first place for a while yee haa !!!

  4. Great figures - I'll need to pick up my painting pace!!!

  5. That's just flat out cool Ray. You and Galpy are so far ahead all I can see is a distant dust cloud. Good job!


  6. Nice; I like the colors of the cav. That's quite a combination of colors. Best, Dean


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