Friday, January 31, 2014

From ClintB: 10mm Mahdists & 20mm Arab Civilians (41 points)

From Clint: 
20mm Arab civilians and six more Mahdist stands again rifle armed. This has finished the rifle armed marhdits still a lot of melee armed Marhdists to go though so more I suspect next week. They are again 10mm figures from Pendraken. 

I was given these Arab civilians by Tim at IT Miniatures. Seven 20mm figures 3 adult males and a young lad and 2 adult ladies and a young girl. The Children and Ladies come in one pack and the gents come in  separate pack. As mentioned they were an unexpected gift and are for my Arab revolt game. Not sure they will get too much of an active part but more as moving scenery. 
Having taken on the feedback with regard to patches on the Jibbehs I have mostly kept them but have muted the colours. The result I am happier with than the brighter patches.
Great work Clint. I like that you kept some of the patchwork as it keeps the unit varied and interesting. My favourites though are the Arab civilians. I love the kids dashing about and again the bright colours really work nicely for this group.

The Mahdists and civilians will give Clint 41 points. Well done!


  1. My word, no camels!

    Great figures Clint :)

    1. Pretty sure I can see one peeking over the hill in the background. :-)

      Great work Clint. You're going to have a good sized force when complete.

  2. Very nice work again. These civilians are great.

  3. Thank you guys. No camels on the painting table at all at the moment so it looks like you have a weeks break from Camels. Only a few left to do now and I am saving them until I get the Turks done. And No Turks are even cleaned up just yet. But they are now in waiting.

    Thank you once again folks your comments are appreciated.

  4. Loving your stuff at the moment Clint.
    Really like the 20mm and dont know how you manage to see the 10mm

  5. A great addition , lovely job

  6. I like these Mahdists a little more than the others so am glad you like the changes you have made



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