Thursday, January 30, 2014

From BenD: 15mm WWII Russian Sturmovik & Lend Lease Sherman and Stuart Tanks (128 points)

Hello All
I have finally got around to painting the Stuarts I have been talking about for a while now and have seemingly done everything in my power not to paint! At the same time I also painted up the Sturmovik I also need for the event and a company of Sherman 76mm for a future Lend Lease only force inspired by Steve's one.
The Stuarts are from the Plastic Soldier Company and are technically the wrong model, but they were the only Stuarts I could get my hands on in time for the event and the difference is only the turret. Also the way I look at it is a Stuarts a Stuart, as long as I don't use the same model for both types of Stuart it shouldn't be confusing. Also I loved the model so much when I did my US versions I wanted to build and paint them again.
The Shermans are also from The Plastic Soldier Company and were a lot of fun to build and paint. I did a small swap on them and used some spare Battlefront .50cals I had instead of the ones that came in the box as they are very flimsy.
And finally the Sturmovik, this is the Battlefront version very kindly given to me by Cid. It was quite fun to paint but I did have a lot of trouble were the under camo joins the top camo on the wings. Game wise I have found this to be a waste of points and it will be dropped as soon as I get my hands on some Heavy Mortars and M17 Anti Air, but I don't have the time to buy the models and to paint them up before the event.
Well thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the post.
Really beautiful work Ben. I've always had a soft spot for Stuarts (must have been 'The Haunted Tank' comic books of my youth) and its great to see them being put to good use by the heroes of the Soviet Socialist Republics. 

These Shermans, Stuarts and the Sturmovik will give Ben 128 points. I hope they do well for you in your upcoming event!


  1. Fantastic Work Ben! You don't often see massed Lend Lease tanks like that, but the Soviets put everything to use - even when they didn't like them!

  2. Excellent work. That's a lot of tanks.

  3. Well done Ben.....all very finely painted and a wonderful Sturmovik to add to the forces!

  4. Nice job on the Plastic soldier tanks. I would be tempted to get some having seen these.

  5. Your tanks look great but the Sturmovik is just lovely!

  6. Such crisp work on the tanks. The Sturmy is gorgeous though and the pick of the bunch.

    I wouldn't be too confident on the heavy mortars. I've been using them for ages and they rarely return their value. Surely the new rules for air make the Sturmy a better option?


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