Thursday, February 20, 2014

From ChristopherS: 28mm AWI American Infantry 'The Maryland 400' (80 points)

From Christopher:
Busy days, but managed to Add more to my 28mm AWI collection with the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment (16 figures).
It's a regiment I've long wanted to do as they were a very active regiment that fought in both the Northern and Southern campaign's that earned them the nick name "The Maryland 400" for holding off 2000 British at Long Island by charging a half a dozen times to allow their parent brigade to escape an entrapment before withdrawing themselves. Plus others will remember them for their stubborn stand at Guilford Courthouse. In terms of the American army I would for sure consider them as an elite formation.

I painted them in the regulation Continual army uniform of blue coats with red turnbacks with a few extra change in clothing and equipment to take the edge off uniformity as I believe Americans units were rarely if ever perfectly turned out, but still kept enough uniformity to distinguish them from militia.

The figures are from Perry and Foundry (early Perry) with a GMB flag which I particularly really like. If you like AWI then stay tuned to this channel as I have more AWI planned.

Simply stunning work Christopher. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the AWI but seeing a unit finished like this makes me truly waver. I really like the subtle mix of uniformed troops alongside those with civilian clothing. As you say it really gives this unit a great sense of character, of the men being composed of citizen soldiers. 

This wonderful regiment of renegades, er, I mean 'patriots' will give Christopher 80 points. Again, marvellous work.


  1. Definitely renegades ;)
    Excellent work on these. The GMB flag finishes the unit perfectly

  2. Looking great! Just a shame there are no 400 of them! ;-)

  3. Superbly done - I like the effect of the varied uniforms - each figure is painted extremely well but they look even better in a combined unit

  4. Wow, these look fabulous. Really great work!

  5. Masterful work by Christopher. Everything looks superb.

  6. Love the mixed clothing and very crisp work


  7. Nice looking unit! I understand the march attack popularity, but I much prefer the charge, receive charge and the firing line. In addition to the variety in uniform, they look really busy, and the drummer as a casualty is a nice touch.

  8. Excellent painting! And love that flag!

  9. Great figures and beautiful pictures


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