Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From ChrisP: 28mm WWII Americans in Winter Gear (40 points)

Chris sends in this very nice group of eight World War Two American infantry in winter greatcoats.

This was an impulse buy for Chris but he says he had a great time painting them up. He especially liked how the medic turned out.

These are 28mm Artizan figures.

Chris used 'snow' flakes from Gale Force 9 for the bases. It looks good, but Gale Force has a Hollywood perception of snow - it doesn't look fluffy like that. Believe me, I've shoveled tons of the stuff. Its smooth and typically hard packed - like cake icing. It looks like this (taken of my backyard today, -42 with wind chill):

The finer nuances of snow aside (how can you tell this is currently on my mind?), this group will give Chris a nice and tidy 40 points. Great job, Chris!


  1. You can forgive me for forgetting what snow looks like- it is 29 degrees C today!

    I am not sold on the snow basing either... If I do more, I will revisit the idea

  2. Yeah, yeah, rub it in - I would like to 'revisit the idea' of snow as well, believe me.


  3. Where is my coat as it's getting cold! Real nice work!!


  4. 31 degrees down here Chris, no sign of snow. Love your figures

  5. Snow... We have only sun here.

    Very nice figures, Chris.

  6. We got 46cm of snow over the past two days and lost power while I was in the middle of painting :(

    I haven't tried snow basing yet.

  7. You can keep yer snow Curt - thank you. It is pleasantly wet here in the UK at the moment-something we cope with!

    Nice set of figures Chris , love the bazooka man..


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