Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From BenG: 20mm Goth Heavy and Light Cavalry (40 points)

From Ben:
Here's my latest entry; a stand each of Gothic shock cavalry and light cavalry for the Comitatus ruleset. 
The figures are mainly Italeri, with a couple of MIniart horses and rider in the shock cavalry stand.The Italeri figures are frustrating because despite the production values, they're let down by anachronistic inaccuracies like stirrups!

All shields are hand-painted again, though the patterns on the larger Italeri shields were molded which made it easier than doing them completely freehand.

Next up will be Gothic cavalry and infantry command stands. 

Very nice figures Ben. Those shields are marvelous, especially freehanding the red pin-wheel design - great job!

These five mounted Goths will give Ben 45 points, with a bit extra for the ace shields.


  1. Nice work Ben :)

    With these Goths and Alan's Hun's we could have a mini battle of Chalons

  2. Very nice Ben.
    Lovely to see more 20mm stuff on here.
    Late Rome will be a future project for myself

  3. Looking nice! A shame the Italeri ones aren't too accurate.


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