Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From AlanD: 28mm Huns (100 points)

Alan releases ten more marauding Huns for us to enjoy.

From Alan:

Here are another ten Huns from Wargames Foundry. After my last effort, and feedback from Curt and Paul, I tried to improve the appearance of the snowy bases.   

Perhaps some of you in the Northern hemisphere could pop your heads out the window and tell me what you think? I couldn't get in touch with Miss Smilla.

Ooh! These are tasty! I'm seriously jealous as I've always wanted to do a Hunnic army and these are so well done. I like the ice/slush with the turf peeking through. As a suggestion I'd say that the grass should be tones of yellow/brown as it would be largely dead during the winter season. 

Love the Smilla reference (great novel)!

These ten Huns will give Alan 100 points. Very nice indeed.


  1. Lovely Huns Alan and great work on the bases :)

  2. Lovely work, Alan. The shields are your specialty! I've missed your ancients with your recent foray into ww2. Glad you're back!

    I'm waiting impatiently for HaT to release their Hun set.

  3. Nice work! The snow looks great.

  4. Very nice mate - the extra basing bits look spot on!
    You are an overachiever on points and need to play more!

  5. There are so many armies I would like to do Huns being one of them. It is a pleasure to see these, and indeed it does edge me closer to doing a Hunnic army having seen them.

  6. I do like these, the snow looks good to me



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