Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From RayR: 28mm Great War British Early War Infantry (220 points)

Okay, where's the French guys on nags with the funny hats and yards of lace (the guys not the nags)?  Ray pretty much sums it up below:

Faint in amazement Ray enters something other than 15mm Nine Years War figures!
Only because I've painted these up for a fellow gamer Matt. They're more of his WWI British. There are 40 Infantry and a 2 man Machine Gun crew. 

Most of the figures are from Musketeer Miniatures and a few are the rarely seen (or so I'm led to believe) Battlehonours. This should get me up the table a little!!

Excellent work Ray! I'm sure Matt will be delighted with these figures. I've not tried any of the figures from Battle Honours but I think I'll give them a go after seeing these.

These 42 men from Britain's Contemptible Little Army will give Ray 220 points, enough for him to break through his original Challenge goal of 600 points. Nice one Mr. R!


  1. Nice work Ray, always like to see you doing some 28's

  2. Nicely done Ray. Definitely a welcome change from all that 9YW stuff you keep churning out ;)

  3. I will be seeing Matt on Sunday. I look forward to seeing these in the flesh.

  4. Ray

    I'm not sure tha tthe space time continium can stand the shock - but they look great. You should do more 28mm.

  5. For a minute there I thought I'd fallen off the wagon again. Well done mate, they look terrific.

  6. Great work Ray. Nice to see you working in a more "mature" scale :)

  7. Replies
    1. I'm not sure what message your signal officer is sending. His arms are in the "Q" formation but his left hand flag is a reverse image of the "On Fire / Dangerous Cargo" signal flag (solid blue with a single white stripe down the middle).
      I'm sure it's just some form of a crafty code the Brits thought up to confuse Jerry in the trenches.

  8. Really nice work on the 'Old Contemptibles' by another old contemptible ;)

  9. Gosh, I love these. Great fig and wonderful painting. I want a WWI army now!


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