Friday, December 21, 2012

From SamuliS: 15mm WWII German Grenadiers (74 points)

Samuli from Finland sends us a platoon of German WWII infantry based for Flames of War.

From Samuli:
Some franctic painting after finishing my last exam in the University yesterday evening leads to a platoon of German grenadiers and their company command. First time ever painting 15mm and I tried some speedpainting techniques with a lot of drybrushing and washes. The whole lot painted in around 4-5 hours. Paint job looks surprisingly good to my eye. A lot faster to do than my Napoleonics :) I'm not too happy with the quality of some of the new Flames of War plastic figures though. Quite a lot of warped detail etc.

Excellent work Samuli! These 37 infantry will give him 74 points, pipping Miles for the lead.


  1. My word that is an awful lot of troops; must paint faster! Well done Samuli.

  2. Nice looking German's Samuli, good theropy for post exam stress? So WWII is the leader for periods thus far.


  3. Well done Samuli,
    i have not been following the FOW scene so was unaware they had moved over to plastic. I love the extra detail on the bases makes figures look so much better when they have a good base.
    Will look forward to more, will we see any Nap from you then?
    Peace James

  4. Nicely done Samuli - the basing is exceptionally well done!


  5. How many of the plastic FOW guys were in bad shape? I was actually thinking the plastics looked sharp - but that was just the advertising, of course...I still haven't seen any plastics up close.

    1. Some of the poses lead to hands and guns being lumbed into one big pile. Especially the ones hipfiring or carrying their guns on their hip. Probably the same problems arise with metals, I just have never painted any 15mm before so mainly comparing to 28mm :)

  6. Excellent work getting them painted in 4-5 hours! Nice job Samuli. I didn't know FoW were making plastics either!!


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