Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From IanH: 28mm Pulp Cultists, Napoleonic French Light Infantry & Ronin #13 (95 points)

...and from our other Ian:
I've scrabbled together one final entry for the competition to be honest this past few weeks I've felt a little burnt out and it's been a real struggle to find the energy to keep painting. Only those final tantalizing points to my target and the pile of undercoated miniatures that leered at me kept me going. 
My first entry is a small group of French Light Infantry, 28mm Perry Brothers sculpts as usual. These were a Christmas present from my wife and 2 units of these pretty much round off my French force for the moment, though the 2nd unit will have to await next years competition I fear. 

Second up is my entry fee, Ronin number 13 unlucky for some but I feel not for me, my daughter was born on the 13th so in our house it's a lucky number. It's another Perry sculpt, one of their unarmoured Samurai, I actually had another miniature lined up for the fee but I fluffed the paint job and so had to start a fresh one for you. I kept the colour scheme simple and in my current favorite colours, deep red and contrasting white. I pondered some freehand detailing but unfortunately time was against me and I had to skip it. 
My third entry is a mix of miniatures for my Kali Cult pulp miniatures, a rifle armed Zealot painted in the same colours as my sword wielding ones submitted earlier in the competition. The miniature is from Mutineer Miniatures, part of their Indian Mutiny range and is a really good clean sculpt with virtually no flash. I also have 3 mounted Kali Cultists, again in the black and red colour scheme which ties the group together. These came out really nicely and didn't take much more than a few hours to paint, embarrassingly I notice a little mistake or two on the close ups but I'll clean that up before they go in the cabinet. 

Overall the competition has been a resounding success for output, whilst I'll never manage the 3000+ points of some of the heavy hitters I've painted more in the past 3 months than I've painted in probably the past 2 years. 
It's been a real pleasure taking part in this and I'll be putting my name straight on the list for next year hopefully. 

More lovely work to close off your Challenge, Ian - excellent. Thanks so much for Ronin #13. I really like the red and white and he has a wonderfully maniacal look in his eyes which warms my heart. The Kali Cultists are fabulous as well and I particularly like the dynamic horsemen.

This selection will give Ian 95 points to end his run on the roster. It also places him over the top for his Challenge goal. Bravo! Thanks so much for taking part in this little bit of silliness and for treating us with your work.


  1. great work and gratz on hitting your goal, I think many Ronin have painted more in the 90 day than they have the previous year or so (not me though:) )
    look forward to crossing swords next year
    Peace James

  2. Dark and sinister looking... Well done!

  3. Love the Ronin, again so much excellent work


  4. Those cultists are some of the creepiest figures I've ever seen. Their eyes are amazing!

  5. Lovely figures Ian and congrats on meeting your goal. Those cultists are definitely sinister :)

  6. Excellent painting Ian! Love the cultists!

  7. Your best entry for sure. Those French lights are your finest Naps, the Cultists came out really nice, pity the Prof coming up against those! And your Ronin is very fine too!

    Great stuff bro - with your endless projects I admit I didn't think you'd run the course

  8. Great painting style, all like all three groups.


  9. Nice work Ian. The Naps are particularly fine and I love your ronin, he is totally BA.


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