Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From SamuliS: 28mm Napoleonic Gordon Highlanders (128 points)

From Samuli:
Time for my last entry. Part of my 92nd Gordon Highlanders for Waterloo rushing towards those dastardly French. The rest are still on the painting table waiting for some more painting. Deciding to start painting the kilts wasn't the best idea points wise. 1000 points was maybe a bit optimistic especially with a long trip in between, but in the end it turned out quite well.

Most of the models are Perry metallic charging highlanders. Great for depicting the 92nd rushing towards the enemy with their friends from the Scots Grays! Terrific detail and really nice poses too. Really need to buy more of these guys for the last highlander unit in my Waterloo project. I also used a couple of Victrix plastic highlanders to fill in the ranks. The two makes actually go together quite nicely with neither standing out too badly.
I think the kilts turned out quite nicely with only a couple of slips of the paint brush which are still evident in the photos. Slightly simplified the Gordon pattern to make it more suitable for the scale. Looks nice, and should stand out on the battlefield. Which is just perfect for Highlanders who have had a pretty nice record in our club games, causing a lot of destruction in the French ranks and always ending up as the target of choice for all their artillery.

All of them painted with Vallejo and finished with Army painter quick shade on select parts. I went through testing a couple of different yellows on these guys, but still haven't found any make that would work. 4-5 layers seems to be the minimum with anything that Vallejo or GW makes.

Holy Haggis McBaggis Batman those Jocks are the t*ts! Your work on the tartans and bonnets is incredibly clean - wonderful. I have a schwack of these to do for my own collection and you've certainly given me some food for thought. Again, excellent stuff.

This storm of Highland laddies will give Samuli a base of 90 points but I'm adding another 38 for the tartans and excellent work on the banners. Well done and thank you for participating!


  1. love a good bit of tartan, and your work is of the highest standard

  2. Anyone willing to paint tartan needs professional help IMHO. Anyone who can do it so well deserves professional help AND major kudos. These are right up there with my favourite entries.

  3. I agree with the comments above about the tartan. Absolutely superb. I only wish I could do mine as well as you do yours.

  4. Thanks! I think I managed to find that professional help that Millsy mentioned :P Bought some old LPs with scottish folk and drank quite a bit of highland whiskey during the painting process. This probably got me suitable insane to manage the painting.

    I have another unit Highlanders on my blog too if you guys are interested! http://engineered-gaming.blogspot.fi

  5. Lovely work Samuli. After all that tartan you must be in serious need of some uisge :)

  6. Great tartan - I'm still feeling the pain from mine last year.

  7. HaHa...As someone who has also just painted some Gordon Tartan I am full of admiration and understanding sympathy!


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