Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Seven Years War Austrian Cavalry (121 points)

From Kev:
My last entry to a thoroughly enjoyable challenge. 28mm SYW Austrian Cuirassiers. 12 mounted figures by Front Rank.

These are a commission and are painted to my basic wargaming standard.
This is the final addition to a full army I painted a couple of years ago for my regular gaming buddy, Karl. It seems fitting I should finish with a commission. The O'Donell Cuirassiers.
I think you have done a fantastic job of running this Curt and I salute you. It was a pleasure to paint the Ronin for you and I hope you have fun using it in the future. I do hope you do this again and look forward to having another few months of madness.
You can almost hear the thunder of this unit of heavy horse. Wonderful stuff and a fitting conclusion to your run up the points roster.

O'Donell's Cuirassiers will give Kev 121 points. Well done sir, and thanks so much for contributing your fine work to the Challenge - it was a real pleasure and a feast for the eyes.


  1. Yay more SYW great work on some great figures, been fun following you
    Peace James

  2. Your basic wargames standard? These look great, I think they will be very well appreciated.


  3. Thanks everyone.
    Really enjoyed the challenge and getting to know all of you a lot better.

  4. He nearly choked on his tea when I rang him to tell him they were ready to pick up.

  5. Very dapper.

    And your basic wargames standard is great! The envy of many I'm sure.

  6. Terrific work Kev. I really love Front Rank figures and you've done justice to these guys. Bravo!


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