Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From MilesR: 1:1200 scale British Ship-of-the-Line (15 points)

From Miles:
I wanted to end the challenge with what I consider to be the most challenging but rewarding mini to build - a Langton 1/1200 scale Napoleonic ship.  In this case, its a Brits 3rd rate (74 guns) Ship-of-the-Line.  I have yet to name her but will do so later tonight.

The rigging consists of etched brass rat lines and a very minimalist approach the running rigging.  I've found more elaborate rigging looks great but doesn't last very long on the tabletop.  One of the pictures has a side by side with a 28mm Perry plastic confederate figure to help you see the size and figure out scoring.  I had wanted to complete a few more of these ships but time and work have conspired against me.
Curt - it has been a real pleasure participating in this year's challenge and I want to thank you for your efforts.  I think this event does a lot to bring all of us in the this rather "unique" hobby a bit closer together to learn from one another.  I know my rudimentary skills get a bit better each year by just being able to see all of the fantastic contributions from the other contestants.  It's a grand experience and you should be very proud of your contribution to the hobby

Thanks very much for your kind words Miles. It was a pleasure to have you participate again in this year's Challenge.

I agree, some of the most challenging modelling out there is creating a Napoleonic ship-of-the-line. Your've done great justice to that lovely Langton model, Miles. I really like the well-defined chequering, and the addition of the brass-etched ratlines and proud ensign really set it off. Beautiful work!

This lovely 3rd Rate will give Miles a 1st Rate 15 points. Well done and thanks again.


  1. Very nice. What not call her the Challenger? Seems appropriate...

  2. Rudimentary skills? I do not believe that for a second looking at those ships of the line! They are quite simply one of my favourite things I have seen so far in the competition.

    I second naming her the "Challenger"....

  3. great work, have loved all your ACW but the ship tops it all for me.
    Peace James

  4. Great looking man o'war Miles. If you're still thinking about a name for it, how about HMS Campbell in honour of our esteemed host and judge?

  5. Glad you finished with the ship just a shame the others did not quite get finished. I love your ships and always look forward to your Bat reps


  6. The people have spoken. This ship will now be referred to as "HMS Campbell Challenger".

    I suspect it will have a long career of sweeping it's French, Spanish and even US opponents off the tabletop!

  7. A fine vessel! I can't imagine trying to rig these things.

  8. She's a lovely ship, beautifully done.


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