Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From RossM: 28mm Dark Age, Ancient Greeks, Myceneaens & 15mm WWII German Vehicles (145 points)

From Ross:
Here are the first of my final entries to this years competition. 
Before the pictures I would like to thank you again for organising and hosting this event. Whilst I may not reach the godly totals of some painters I do really enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to view so many other painters work. Now to the pictures.
First up is the last of the Dark Age casualty figures from Perry Miniatures. This figure will be used with both Impetus and SAGA in 28mm and as always with a Perry sculpt is great to paint.

The next set of pictures are of a stand of Mercenary Peltasts for Impetus. The figures are from Foundry's 28mm World of Greeks range and are some of my personal favourites from this range. The figures will see use in my existing Spartan army for Impetus and hopefully in the Macedonians when they get started.

Next there are several more vehicles from Battlefront. Well 12 to be precise. 4 Stugs and 8 Opel Blitz soft tops. These 15mm vehicles paint well and don't take too long to complete.

Lastly is a stand of Myceneaen Spearmen for Impetus again. The figures are 25mm's from Redoubt Miniatures and capture the period excellently in my opinion. The tower shields and long bladed spears really make the unit but I have a feeling that they may well come off a few times in the future. Sadly, due to having a nightmare attaching the spears and shields on these fellows the base is not fully textured and coloured yet. I have  started this but due to it being just before 3 AM in the UK and that I am working tomorrow at 9 am they won't be completed this morning.

Hopefully, if my calculations are correct this will take me to my challenge total.
Looking forward to next years challenge!

Ross, your calculations are spot on. This fine collection of figures will give you 145 points which will pip you right onto your Challenge target. Congratulations! Great work and thank you for participating.


  1. All of these are great but I love the StuG's


  2. What a great mixed bag of entries Ross! Good to see some trucks as well as AFVs

    Reaching godly levels of output isn't the point of the Challenge (even if some of us do push for that). The main purpose is to motivate the Ronin to paint things up that they might have let slide. You have achieved the target that you set yourself - that is the important thing, so well done sir! :)

  3. Nice work Ross, I like the way you've done the shields!

  4. That casualty is a bit grim - think he needs a bit of blood from that arrow though.

    The shields on the Myceneans are particularly fine though.

  5. Ross, a great collection of figures and congratulations on getting to your challenge goal. That's more than I did. I especially like your German kit. As for that casualty figure, he'll be fine once he gets to a good hospital ... oh wait, it's the Dark Ages. Never mind.


Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)