Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From Millsy: Franco-Prussian War Prussians, Clerics and Billman (80 points)

From Millsy:
This is my last batch. I really can’t fit anything else within the time remaining despite what I might wish. I’ve not quite reached my revised target but I’ve more than doubled my original one and painted just shy of 400 miniatures of various scales. Plus there was The Samurai Project. Not too shabby.
First up is 13 x Eureka Miniatures Prussians in 28mm from their Franco-Prussian War range. I’ve had these undercoated for so long I can’t put a date on when I bought them or why, which is both laughable and a sad indictment of the depths of my addiction. 
These are really quite lovely miniatures to paint, full of character and nice definition. The swords and flag pole are *very* thin and whilst they are correctly proportioned I fully expect there to be tears and super glue in their future somewhere. 
The paint job is sketchy in terms of historical accuracy, mainly because I don’t actually intend to use them for their what they represent. Instead, they will do stout service in games of pulp adventures or VBCW representing all sorts of weird and wonderful troops. Armed firemen springs to mind for starters. 
Finally and very last of all are three random 28mm miniatures from the lead pile which have been orphaned from their projects. I always seem to end up with a couple of these where painter’s block kicks in and they get put aside to await inspiration. The two clerics are Gripping Beast dark ages figs. 

The chap with the crazy assortment of weapons is a high medieval or early renaissance mercenary of some description. I think he might be Essex but can’t be sure. I do know I’ve had him as long as I can remember and this is his third time on the painting desk. 
That’s it! Hope you’ve enjoyed my offerings and thanks for the many positive comments. Til next year…

 We certainly have enjoyed your work, Millsy. The moustache on the fellow next to the standard bearer is awe inspiring. Very cool.

These lads of Millsy's rearguard will give him 80 points as a final volley. Well done! It has been a pleasure.


  1. great stuff Millsy loved following your work all Challenge

  2. Well third time lucky. As above, following your work has been inspirational.


  3. Great work Millsy. Those Prussians would work well indeed for steam punk or pulp.


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