Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From JamesB: 28mm Romano-British Cavalry, SYW Artillery & 54mm ECW Shotte (499 points)

From James:
Thank you Curt for a great winter Challenge, may I present my last entry for this year. First up I offer a unit of Romano British Cavalry (see above and below) from Foundry Miniatures.
I ran out of time to create the standard but I am happy with my shields, these complete a Foundry Army deal I painted for my friend Bernard. 
Next up is my effort to shoot to the top, I have been gunning for that all Challenge but I may have run out of batteries (ok enough puns). 6 Cannons from Front Rank for our French SYW army 4 of these are battalion guns and the last two are bigger pieces.

The last entry has been inspired by Kev and his 54mm entries, I picked up these figures a couple of years ago with a plan to use them to encourage my niece and nephew into gaming but they were not needed as with both their Grandad's wargaming they decided it was a super cool thing to do.
So I offer my last figures: 21 54mm ECW Musketeers I have painted these as the NMA so I can now say I have painted the MNA in 3 scales in pre-history I did them in 15mm, I still own a 28mm army and now 54mm.
So there you have it.  By my calculations I have complete 646 figures in this challenge making it an average of 7.1 figures a day. Can I take this chance to say a huge Thank You to Curt for creating this competition it has been a blast. I hope to catch up with many of my fellow Ronin at Salute this year, till than guys keep your brushes sharp and you paints wet.
Peace James Brewerton Ronin #17

Lovely work as always, James. Those 54s turned out brilliantly (dip?) and I also really, really like that unit of Romano-British cavalry.  Top shelf stuff.

These lads, both great and small, shields and all, will give James a very impressive 499 points - just enough to slip past Chris.  At least for now (bites fingernails in anticipation)...

Thank you James for participating in the Challenge and keeping us inspired with both the incredible quality and quantity of your work. Bravo!


  1. Can Chris respond in the next few hours and reclaim the #1 spot?

    That's fantastic work as always James. I particularly love the 54mm NMA

  2. Front Rank are amongst my very favourite figs and and you've done them justice. Lovely stuff.

  3. Those NMA are really stunning, lots of great work from you


  4. Great work on the 54's James.
    Really nice NMA, I see you used most of the CtA poses.
    I do the same, it does make a nice semi uniformed unit, well done.

  5. All wonderful figures, the cavalry are especially fine. Love the muted colours.


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