Sunday, December 23, 2012

From TimG: 25/25mm Persian Immortals & Command (100 points)

Tim sends us a selection of figures for his Persian army.

2x8 25mm Persian Immortals (figures by Garrison)

25mm Persian general & standard bearer.

Very nice Tim. I really like the background you're using for your pics. Also, what rules system are you using for these? 

This group will get Tim 100 points for his entry on the Challenge roster. Well done!


  1. very old school style you have. Love the back ground too
    Peace James

  2. Great to see some Persians enter the challenge, have them in 15mm and have a couple of units to paint up for my army that I received LAST Christmas!!


  3. Nice one Tim, you don't see many Garrison figures anymore!

  4. See also my own post:
    These lads will be used with Strategos and Command & Colours games. For the latter I use Hexon terrain which is one of the reasons I've adopted the unusual base sizes - most are 8cm across. More on this here:


Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)