Sunday, December 23, 2012

From IanH: 28mm Pulp Adventure Characters (10 points)

From Ian:

I've finally got off to my slow start, just a couple of miniatures for my 1930s Pulp Games I've had lying about for and age. 
First up Is a nasty looking strong guy, some kind of German or Russian mercenary for hire and no doubt will become someone for our heroes to go toe to toe in some precarious situation. I'm afraid I can't name the manufacturer as I've no idea where he came from, one of those figures I picked up years ago and never got around to doing anything with him. 

Secondly I've an important looking Indian fella, once again for pulp gaming, I've not decided whether he's the useful trader who happens to stock whatever our heroes require or perhaps he is the Maharajahs Lieutenant and leader of the Thuggee Cult. Either way the miniature is from Mutineer Miniatures part of their Indian Mutiny range.

A very nice and characterful duo, Ian. The face on the 'Indian fella' is just fabulous - great work.

These two figures will give Ian 10 points to kick-off his climb up the roster.


  1. Lovely colours on the Indian chap bro. Really nice painting, best mini of your I've seen for a while. And are those eyes you've painted? Crikey!

  2. very nice figures and I love your style
    Peace James

  3. Really outstanding work. Have to agree the face of the "Indian Fella" really stands out - great work!

  4. Have to agree outstanding work the colours and shading are perfect great job

  5. Love the Indian fella, a beautiful job, nice one Ian!


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