Sunday, December 23, 2012

From PhilH: 10mm WWII Commandos & Pulp Adventurers (30 points)

The other Hawkins brother makes his debut and sends in this eclectic submission consisting of a 10mm WWII Commando force and two heroes for Pulp Adventures.

From Phil:
Last year, I went away for the holidays before even picking up a brush, only to be left watching others rack up points for a week. I didn't want to repeat that, so here is my first entry before I head away. 
First up, a few 10mm WWII from Pendraken that I finished on Saturday afternoon. This pretty much finishes my British force for Blitzkrieg Commander.  Two stands of mortars and two of  Commandos, for a total of 18 miniatures. The mortar tubes were already painted and based before the challenge. Looks like I've sent these a few short hours too late, with your points tweak!
Also, a little Weird(ish) World War Two, as long as you will accept them. First up a British army Chaplain taking up arms to confront the German monstrosities. A characterful Warlord Games miniature. I've named him Padre Jonathan Harkness. 
And a second character, 'Mad' Ross of Erracht, actually  an Infinity miniature that I though would serve perfectly well as a furious claymore-wielding Scot from centuries earlier. A little freehand on his kilt and I couldn't resist a little Saltire on his backpack. I went with a simplified 'Cameron of Erracht' tartan, as the green base echoes my Commandos' berets and the flash of red that also features elsewhere in the force. 

Brilliant stuff, Phil. I quite like that Highlander, but I must admit that I thought it was a strapping lass at first!  

This submission will give Phil 30 points for his entry on the scoreboard. Nice work.


  1. He's just having a 'L'Oreal moment'.

    Though if you go out in Aberdeen I bet you'll meet some lasses that look like that!

    1. Hey! I'm from Aberdeen and I take issue with that...


      You'd be doing well to take her home up here!

  2. Nice figures, love the Scott with the backpack


  3. Fabulously eclectic - but you're worth it! ;)


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