Sunday, December 23, 2012

From MarkB: 1:300 WWII Aircraft (39 points)

Mark has for us this fine group of WWII aircraft in 1:300 scale.

From Mark:
So what do I have, 12 x 1:300 scale WWII Soviet Yak 1 aircraft.  They are made by Scotia, I order my aircraft from I-94 Enterprises.  The stands are hand made by me, I use sculpy and wood dowls with a good strong magnet.  I paint the stands in different colors to make it easier to identify flight groups or nationalities. 

As a bonus I found this FW 200 that I did not remember buying so I painted it up as well.  It is also at the 1:300 scale and is also made by Scotia.  I get my paint schemes from a rusian website called wings palette, they have a ton of diffrent paint schemes for aircraft from different periods.  The two Yak 1 escorting the FW 200 are part of the 12 that are in the other pictures.  I wanted to give everyone a size comparison of the FW 200.

I will use these aircraft along with others to play CY-6 WWII air combat.  It is a great set of rules and I enjoy playing them.  I will be painting up some more WWII bombers as we go along with the competition.
Very nice work, Mark! The camouflage paint schemes on these are brilliant. I'm going to give an extra point each for the custom bases and for the FW 200, so 39 points total. Well done.


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