Sunday, December 23, 2012

From IanW: 20mm Numidian Light Cavalry (268 points)

Here is an impressive bit of work from Ian's desk: 33 Numidian light cavalry in 20mm.

From Ian:
My second submission is more of the Numidians. This finishes off the light cavalry with 11 units. This gives me about 16 or so in total now. When I get the Roman cavalry done that will complete the army.  

These are again HaT and I believe recently were discontinued. Just one of the 33 figures is not HaT, can anyone spot the lone Zvezda? This was left over from a box I had already used and allowed me to complete the 11th base. 

I had the usual fun with the goat skin shields which paint up fairly fast as really does the whole figures. I really will be happy to get onto painting metal figures after so much plastic. I really still need to add tufts but I don't have enough right now and need to order some more. This will still be done during the challenge time but the few I have left are for the 28mm WWII, though I need bases for them.
Next up is finishing the 6mm cavalry that I painted the horses for whilst painting the Numidians.
Well done Ian! Those goat-skin shields look excellent.

These lads will give Ian an impressive 268 points, rocketing him to the top of the points standings. Awesome job!


  1. My goodness Ian, that is a seriously impressive entry.

  2. Great work Ian! That's a lot of work!

  3. WOW that is an impressive output.
    Peace James