Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From TamsinP: 15mm Swiss Halberdiers (144 points)

I'm getting a bit of deja vu here. Didn't we do this around a year ago? Nonetheless here we are on Christmas eve with a horde of Tamsin's Swiss demanding to be registered on the points chart. Really, who can deny them?

From Tamsin:
Is there any sight more certain to inspire terror in the hearts, minds and bladders of medieval Austrians, Burgundians, Italians, pretty much anybody in medieval Europe than a phalanx of Swiss halberdiers using both hands to wave their big choppers at you? 
What's that? Oh, yes, a phalanx of Swiss pikemen holding their huge poles with both hands and pointing them threateningly at you. I'll give you that one, but you'll just have to settle for these halberdiers as I won't be doing any more Swiss pikemen - 256 of the blighters is more than anyone can handle!

Figures are 15mm from Donnington Miniatures New Era range. These were very nice and quick to paint up (these took just 2 days to paint and base). The colours of all the cantons at Morat are represented here in this group.
Like I said, deja vu. That's 72 wee Swiss on the make - very impressive Tamsin. These lads along with the other 184 makes for a very impressive sight. Well done!

This unit of halberdiers will give Tamsin a very tidy 144 points. Great work Ms. P and Happy Christmas!


  1. Really great work there the basing is just right, I wonder whats next

  2. Oh Tamsin I'm eating your dust.

    I will have to cancel Christmas, I am sure the kids won't mind.

    Very nice entry as well


  3. There are a lot of very nice painted models here! Great work!

  4. The second queen of sandbagging a huge entry in (after Ray, of course)

    Nice horde of halberdiers!

  5. Brilliant entry Tamsin - love the massed effect and wonderful basing!

  6. Nice haul of work and a dangerous looking formation!


  7. Great looking troops and basing! Nice work, Tasmin. Merry Christmas.

  8. Tamsin and her mighty Swiss. Huzzah!!

  9. And Curt-Have a Happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks very much Anne and the same to you and yours. :)

  10. Awesome work Tamsin. Intimidatingly large choppers.

  11. Excellent mass of troops. Good to see a solid block like that. Nice one mate.

  12. That's an impressive force! Well done.

  13. Tamsin's back in the game!

    Merry Christmas Curt.

  14. What, only 72? You're going soft Tamsin! At least you're keeping up the quality if not the quantity...

  15. I'm back home now and have internet access again!

    Curt - yup, deja vu all over again! However, this is the last of my Swiss I'm afraid (as should be anyone facing them on the battlefield)

    @ Phyllion - how dare you accuse me of sandbagging! That megaphalanx of Swiss pikemen was submitted well before the end last year and everyone knew I was working on it ;)

    @ Ian - I take it from the league table that the kids refused to have Xmas cancelled! :)

    @ Millsy - hey, I need to warm up before doing psychotically large batches! ;)

    Glad you all like them and thanks for the lovely comments :)


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