Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From AlanD: 28mm Miss Lily and her Girls (15 points)

Alan continues to build upon his Western town of 'Hurricane' with these three lovely ladies.

From Alan:
The population of Hurricane is steadily growing. Inevitably, the girls from Miss Lily's Oasis demanded my attention first, so here they are. Miss Lily is the redhead packing heat; I'm open to suggestions of what to call the other two.

Miss Lily is from the set of armed civilians put out by Great Escape Games, the other two are from Wargames Foundry. Giving them a sandy base didn't seem right, so I fashioned some bases from 4-Ground boardwalks which I think look more the part.

Excellent work Alan! Miss Lily looks to be quite the firecrackers and I really like how you've done their bases to fit with the towns planking/floors.

Hmm, the brunette lass looks to be a Phoebe Parker to me...

These three spirited girls of 'Hurricane' will give Alan 15 points. Well done!


  1. Fine work with the bases - was it easy to trim to shape?

    1. Yeah - actually easier than I expected. The mdf is quite soft, so I scored it using a plastic base as a template and then carved the excess away. It did produce a bit of dust, so I don't think I want to make a habit of it.

  2. Wow! That is some great work! Also those are some tough workin' gals to lay on that wooden floor because they got no beds!

  3. These are great, might have to pop buy to have a chat ;-)


  4. That's some great work! I'm certain your town will be great to play with considering all the efforts you put into the civis.

  5. Scarlet Ladies! I wonder that the "good" ladies of the town will put up with such a place...deplorable!

  6. You can't have a wild west town without some working girls!

  7. Great stuff, lovely colours indeed. Good to see comic sans in use for the *one and only* thing it should be used for!

  8. Wonderful ladies and terrain! I can see some old cow poke wandering into town and enjoying the sight.


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