Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From AndrewS: 28mm Games Workshop Troll (23 points)

Andrew breaks from his historicals and delights us with this wonderfully vile troll.

From Andrew:
Today is my final entry before I break off for the festivities, This was another of my EBay shinyitis moments, I don't know why I bought him but you can bet he was cheap!! 
I don't often delve into the world of fantasy painting and monsters but have been known to do the odd bit. This was a complete joy to paint lots of fun and plenty of crisp clear detail. Allegedly this Troll is a 28 mm miniature, yeah right!! the blighter is a full 50 mm from foot to eye, His foot is nearly as big as the 28 mm dwarf he is stood on. Yes I had a spare dwarf and decided to fit that into the diorama as well. There just has to be a story about this somewhere!! 
Again I have gone heavily into the base work for this and created a swampy marsh area to compose them in. If this qualifies as a beast then please accept this as my first entry into that category.

That is a very cool troll Andrew! I have to laugh as he looks like he's just about to have a terrific sneeze! Perhaps he's allergic to dwarfs. I really like his skin tone and you've done a very nice job on the groundwork as well.

This fine fellow and his poor dwarf victim will give Andrew 23 points. Great work and Happy Christmas Andrew!


  1. He's great and the ground work is just excellent


  2. Superb painting and very entertaining. Great idea to let him stomp over a fallen dwarf.

  3. That's a great looking troll Andrew! Feel sorry for whoever is on the buisness end of that club!


  4. I just love him!! I know these are big beasties and to buy them new is very expensive. You did a grand job with him Andrew. And look at you, still up at the top in points!!!!!

  5. Fantastic troll, full of character.

  6. Have to admit this troll is amazing your painting skill is top notch really great work

  7. Stunning mate!!! Makes me want to start on mine.

  8. Very cool! A work of art really.