Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From FranL: 15mm Modern North Korean Infantry, Armour and 28mm Non-Combatant

This is a classic Francis entry: a shed-load of 15mm with a few outlier morsels thrown in for seasoning.

From Fran:
The pictures were hastily taken after clearing a shelf of Christmas ornaments in the front room!
Here are fourty-nine 15mm  modern North Korean infantry from Khurasan Miniatures (picked these up when they came out earlier this year), this challenge will be mainly 15mm modern with a few 28mm thrown in here and there.
You also see a 15mm North Korean Armoured force consisting of 10 T-55's (a full company), 4 BTR-60's (including the command variant), a ZSU-23-4, 2 Gaz jeeps and a Mercedes for the General, the command tanks all have crew figures (7). I have started basing all my 15mm vehicles...I think it protects them but also highlights them?

Some Rayonian vehicles were sacrificed and repainted to add to the Korean forces and one Korean vehicle was omitted as it will be used as a challenge entry.
This is it apart from support weapons Khurasan will release next year, maybe Red Dawn 2?
....the 28mm female from Copplestone Casting is the non-combatant entry.

Whoa, like I said, that is a shed-load of minis! Interesting project Fran. Who will be the opposing force for this? South Koreans and Americans I presume? I'm looking forward to seeing how this all develops.

Too bad you were late with the fine Copplestone lady as I can only give you 5 points for her. Otherwise, she along with the North Koreans will give you a very tidy 218 points. Very impressive work all the same Francis!


  1. An excellent Start Fran. Quiet for a long time then dropping a load of points all in one go. Nicely done.

  2. Nice stuff Fran...thought you'd gone MIA for a while there.

  3. Wow you've been busy and they are looking great

  4. Wow, Fran you are a machine. Great stuff! I thought you had been a bit quiet...

  5. Welcome to the fray Fran. Nice tanks!

  6. Great stuff Fran!

    I wish someone did North Koreans in 28mm!

  7. Those North Koreans look great Fran!


  8. Great stuff Fran some fine looking work I love the Tanks and agree the base's help highlight them
    Peace James

  9. Very nice figures. Make sure your General applauds the Beloved Leader most heartily - he doesn't want to go the way of the last one!

    Pip pip

  10. Well done Fran. Who makes that ZSU-23-4?

  11. And not a sandbag in sight

    Very nice work, that's a lot of output


  12. Yay, yay, yay! It's my big Irishman!!!!

  13. Very, very impressive! Great work on all of them.


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