Monday, March 18, 2013

From SebG: 15mm Sligners and Gladiators from the Spatacan Revolt (124 points)

Well, there is less than two days left in the Challenge and things are really starting to hot-up. I'm getting swamped with final entries (or penultimate entries) but I'm having a blast battling to keep up.

From Seb:
This is probably my last entry. I have some troops already primed, but my daughter a chicken pox, so I'm stuck at home with her, not really being able to paint. Fortunately, she doesn't scratch herself much.
First part of the entry, 8 slingers for my Spartacus project. I painted them in one night, with a lot washes and inks. And a bit of paint too. Easy.

The second part is much more interesting, I think: 2 bases of gladiators, 14 of them! They're all different. I put some Roman scutum obviously, but I really wanted a Hoolywood feel about those. I also made some conversions, opening some hands to put spears, etc.
For instance, the jumping gladiator is a Corvus belli legionnary, with a Museum head. The one supporting him was initially a Essex bow skirmisher: I cut his bow, pierced his right hand, gave him a spear, cut the quiver and put a sword there. 

Oh, and I also cut his head to put the helmeted one from the legionary. And finally, I hand-painted all 10 shields. They're all different! Crazy me.

Seb, you're a wild man, these look brilliant! Those gladiators are just incredible with the conversions and hand-painted shields. Of course you realize that they are as doomed as doomed can be when they debut on the table...

These bad lads of Spartacus will give Seb a very well-earned 124 points. 


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