Monday, March 18, 2013

From Millsy: 10mm WSS Cavalry & 15mm WWII Soviet Artillery (335 points)

From Millsy:
This time I’m submitting two batches of figures…
Number one is the 10mm War of the Spanish Succession French cavalry I spoke about on my last submission. These are all Pendraken miniatures, painted up to represent the first and second cavalry lines of the Marquis du Bourg's Corps at Blenheim. All up there are 60 miniatures grouped into units of 12 and based in threes so they are riding nice and tight, boot to boot.
The first line consists of the regiments de Royal (4 squadrons), de La Ferronnaye (2 squadrons), de Levy (2 squadrons), de Prince Charles de Lorraine (2 squadrons) and de Choiseul (2 squadrons). The second line consists of the regiments d'Anlezy (2 squadrons), de Livry (2 squadrons), de Heudincourt (2 squadrons) and de Dauphin Etranger (2 squadrons). Every different unit has a flag even though most a just two squadrons. I figure they would all need rallying points and it looks great to what the hell.
I’ve varied the horse colours a fair bit, going with a total of seven different shades. At this scale a lot of painters go for a single shade, presumably for speed in churning them out. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but when there is less detail I feel you want to highlight the differences in large areas of colour to bring extra interest. Maybe I’m mad, you tell me! ;-)
Number two is a pile of 15mm Russian artillery from Flames of War - 79 crew and command plus 12 guns to be precise. These are all Battlefront miniatures. I was looking for something quick to bump me over the 1,000 point mark and I’ve managed to churn them out in roughly 12 hours for the lot. That works out to roughly 1 gun base plus one command base an hour. There is a bit of detail work to do like adding a map but that can wait til after the comp. I seem to have ended up with extra command but that’s fine – far better than being short which is what often happens with these guys.

There is a battery of 4 x 76mm ZIS-3 guns along with 4 x 122mm obr 1938 howitzer howitzers. This forms the core of my “God of War”. I’ll need to add another battery of 76s I think so my enemies can experience the full majesty. In addition there is also a battery of 76mm obr 1927 guns for close infantry support. Together these will serve the Rodina valiantly to drive the Fascist invaders from our soil!

I’ve got one last submission tomorrow – my samurai – but I’m up to something a bit special there involving a number of mediums besides simple painting. I’ll leave you to ponder what that might mean…

Wow, great entry Millsy! The guns and crew are great but for me the cavalry really steals the show. I love that you massed them good and proper, stirrup-to-stirrup. Huzzah! They look fabulous.

This mass of French cavalry and Soviet artillery will give Millsy a very impressive 335 points. Brilliant!


  1. Millsy - I love this entry. Who makes the 10mm WSS castings?

    1. Thanks Greg. I'm using a combination of Pendraken (the cavalry above) and Old Glory (my previous entry of infantry). Both are very nice but I've found the Old Glory to have a bit more definition which really helps at this scale.

  2. I was waiting for these and they did not disappoint. I have to agree with mixing horse colours, especially at 10mm


    1. Cheers Ian, glad you like them! I've just done an order to Old Glory including some Bavarian Cuirassiers so more horsey goodness on the horizon.

      Feel free to follow my blog at if you want to see how things progress after the challenge. I've go a real head of steam up now so things should continue to move along at a good pace.

  3. love the cav what a sight these will be on a table

  4. lovely mixed bag there Millsy :)


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