Monday, March 18, 2013

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Confederate Infantry (120 points)

From Miles:
Here's yet another 28mm confederate regiment (that's 6 in total I've completed for the Challenge).  Yup, another 24 Plastic Perry Confederates (only 3 more regiments to go!). 
You can see in the background a few other projects I'm working on - some more 28mm Japanese for Bolt Action and my personal favorites 1/1200 Langton Napoleonic Ships (3 brit and 2 Spanish 74's).  I may get a few of these projects done by the deadline (maybe).

Great work Miles! I'm really amazed. Six 24-figure infantry regiments completed in less than three months PLUS all the other stuff you managed to get completed. Wow. I'm really delighted to see this as this is exactly what the Challenge is all about. 

This regiment of Confederates will give Miles 120 points, allowing him to break his second points target goal. Congratulations!


  1. Another great entry Miles, love the ships in the background as well


  2. Thanks
    The Langton sailing ships are my favorite models to build but the rigging takes a few days so these will not make it in by the deadline.

  3. Great work Miles some great painting over the challenge


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