Monday, March 18, 2013

From Greg: 28mm Colonial British Camel Corps & Medical Team (60 points)

From Greg:

As the end draws near, another Sudan submission.  Once again these are all Perry sculpts from their excellent Sudan range. 
You can't have the Camel Corps without camels, right? So I painted up a command group mounted on camels, inspired by Micheal A (although my brushwork does not come close to his skill level).  I don't think the British ever fought while mounted on the camels - when battle came the men dismounted - but these will be good command models for Black Powder games, or good figures for skirmishes, representing some officers out on patrol to scout a well or some such thing and coming to a surprise from the Madhists. 

The standing foot trooper is a watch trooper from the Camel Corps...he is supposed to be watching over some waiting camels...those models are still waiting for a paint job. 
The other component in this entry is the British medical team vignette.  Dallas generously brought me this as a gift/souvenir from his visit to Salute with Curt last year. I always feel like it is helpful karma to paint the figures people get you as gifts (particularly all the way from Salute!) and the Challenge was a great spur to finish these figures. 
These figures will be a nice addition to the Sudan table - giving some life to a camp scene, or some character to the interior of a brigade square.  Being wounded in any battle must be miserable, but in the Sudan it was particularly horrible - between the punishing heat and the need to be carried along with the column, every bump and cranny adding to the challenge and the pain, waiting and waiting for the chance to make it to a steamer or hospital ship. 

The Challenge is nearly done - I hope to have at least one more entry.  But it has been great to get all of this Sudan stuff done - my thanks to all of the other Challengers for the great inspiration!

Beautiful work Greg! The camel troopers are suitably whacky (and gorgeously painted) and I'm really impressed with your medical orderly set. Fabulous stuff.

This selection of miniatures will give Greg 60 points.


  1. These are great, especially the wounded


  2. Love the colours on the camel riders and the markers are great too.

  3. More great Sudan stuff! I wish I could get my camels to turn out as well as you and MichaelA seem to do. Much harder than horses IMHO.

  4. Just like Millsy said "More great Sudan stuff!!!!"

  5. Fabulous work, really like the medical team; must have one of those!

  6. glad you will not be sending any more of these great Sudan figures in because its all I can do to not drag mine out of the lead pile.


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