Thursday, January 3, 2013

From AndrewS: 28mm British Colonial Infantry & Vikings (110 points)

From Andrew:
First up are 4 British Rifles and 8 Infantry men ready for my Zulu wars version of Muskets and Tomahawks the figures are Empress miniatures 28's. These have been based very simply on 25mm squares.

Next up, 10 more 28mm Foundry Vikings these are commissioned and painted and based to my normal standard. 

I'm not too sure on some of the figures I have been sent. Here are a portion of the first 18 that I will be doing. But the customer is always right. But those horns are wrong.

Lovely work Andrew. Again, great vikings and, you're right, those horns are so wrong.

This group will net Andrew 110 points and will allow him to pass Miles at the top of the points standings. Great work! 


  1. Really nice paintjob on the vikings (even if they are very "heroic" in their attire :) )

  2. More great work, the redcoats really stand out. Must look great on the table


  3. Superb work. The horns do seem ahhh well a bit "operatic" - perhaps the client is REALLY into Wagner>

  4. Congratulations, you are the first one! I like a lot those vikings; they are fantastic!!!

  5. They look great Andrew and what's more you are leading the pack with some real quality work which is not easy.


  6. lovely work - cracking Vikings - well apart form the horns- but hey you gotta work with what your given!

  7. Really nice figs. I especially like how the Vikings are basically done in just three colors, but still all look different from each other.

  8. Good stuff, love the Zulu stuff, will follow how your rules adaptions work
    Peace James


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