Thursday, January 3, 2013

From MikeP: 28mm ACW Iron Brigade Infantry (37 points)

From Mike:
Attached are a mittful of photos for a smallish (7) number of 28mm figures.
All figures are from Wargames Foundry's line of ACW figures. They are somewhat on the petite side, more true 25 than 28mm, but they are one of my favourite ACW ranges. These figures are Union infantry from the early war period, wearing the formal uniform and headdress known as the Hardee Hat.

I bought several command packs from Foundry to give me another command stand for the Iron Brigade, one of the storied formations of the Army of the Potomac. Normally I don't use elite units in my gaming, but hey, sometimes its fun to have one, even if it's not rated on the table as Elite. The command group represents the 19th Indiana and the flags are from my go-to flag guy, GMB.
I mentioned that there are only seven figures in the entry. The drummer in the group of four can't be scored because he's been painted and waiting for a base for over a year.
Another problem was the two guys sculpted in the act of falling. I thought about mixing them into a unit stand, but then I came up with the idea of a mini-diorama that I might use for a shock or a rout counter. The explosion is a little over the top, I'm not sure that ACW fused HE ordanance exploded so dramatically, but it's a bit of theatre.

The two solitary guys are based for Too Fat Lardie's skirmish rules, Terrible Sharp Sword.
Lovely work Mike. I have these very same castings and I agree that they still hold their own with the newest stuff out there. The explosion is great as well. Very dramatic. 

These seven will give Mike a base of 35 points but I'm going to add a couple more for the  'Saving Private Mulligan' diorama. :) So, 37 for the roster!


  1. Nice work again. Dang Johnny Reb dead-eye artillery burst!

  2. Wonderful! The explosion effect is great!

  3. I really like the explosion. Nothing wrong with the odd elite unit, especially when paited up as well as yours


  4. Great work Mike, love the explosion markers too!

  5. Yes, the explosion effect looks awesome. Very cool entry

  6. Great stuff, Mike. The explosion is top notch!!


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