Thursday, January 3, 2013

From BurkhardS: 28mm Napoleonic French Command Stand & Ronin #3 (40 points)

Burkhard debuts with a command stand for a battalion of Napoleonic French light infantry and his 'Challeng levy' Ronin #3.

From Burkhard:
So here I finally go with my first entries for the Challenge. First up is the Samurai to pay the ferryman. 
The mini is from JC Miniatures (28mm) Samurai line. I initially planned to do two, but these minis are meant for slotta bases. This one removed from the tap quiet fine, but with the other one, I managed to rip off both feet. Since the Katana was broken anyway, I decided to focus on this one. I wanted to give him a dark nd sinister look, so I went for black, with a little gold and red. I had actually planned to do only the straps the hold his armour in red, but somewhere along the route I felt he needed more colour so I did the clothing in red as well. Not sure why he turned so glossy, since the other minis I varnished in that session turned flat. I decided to keep him this way. He should turn flat soon, especially if exposed to UV light.

Up next is the 4 men command for the 37eme Légère (Perry Miniatures). The unit that goes with them was actually started before the Challange, but I had forgotten to do the command, so I waited with these until Christmas, to get them in. I think some of these minis are actually meant for line regiments instead of Légère, but they worked out fine painted as the later.

Excellent work, Burkhard! That Samurai is a very nice casting and you've done a great job on him - Thanks! Same goes for the Legere command stand I particularly like the weather-worn trousers.

This group will give Burkhard 40 points for his entry onto the roster. Well done!


  1. The Samurai is nice but the Light command does it for me.


  2. Thank you guys!

    Curt... Really hope you will like him IRL!

  3. Bravo Mr. B! A very sinister Samurai. Lights equally well done. Love the muddy trousers. Cheers, Mike P


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