Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From SamuliS: 28mm Napoleonic French Cuirassiers, British Command & Casualty Markers (145 points)

Samuli sends an impressive entry which includes a full unit of French heavy cavalry, a British command stand and some ingenious casualty markers (if I do say so myself, ahem)...

From Samuli:
Next up is a change from painting all the Redcoats during the Autumn and Winter. Flashy frog eaters of the 10th Cuirassiers and some not so lucky foot soldiers from the 1st Royal Scots and a French regiment. All figures from Perry except for the doctor who is from Westfalia Miniatures.
I wanted to base the Cuirassiers so they look like they are dashing through a battlefield towards their objective so I filled the base with casualties and some left over gear from other boxes. The cuirassiers look a lot nicer than british cavalry, makes me want to start building a French force too.

I preshaded the horses with an airbrush to get a nice effect and then painted them up in some different shades of brown. The shading doesn't show that well in the photos, but looks great on the table. Helps to speed up the painting also as I can basically skip all layering by just doing the shading using black, grey and white and afterwards painting over them. Painted with Vallejo paints and finished with an oil wash.

Major General Kempt and the casualty stands are actually painted for a second time now. The previous time they ended up going down a flight of stairs coming home from our last game day and losing quite a bit of paint in the progress while also getting banged up.

I stripped them from paint and painted them up again while waiting for some other models to dry up and when I had the suitable colors left over. The basing idea is stolen straight from Curt. 
Excellent chance for some bonus points? :P

Very nice work Samuli. I like your creative shortcut in airbrushing the horses' basecoat and using an oil wash as a finish. In regards to your casualty bases I can only give you my heartfelt admiration with your impecable taste in source material... ;)

This group will give Samuli a very tidy 145 points. Nice bit of work, that!


  1. great work on some great figures. The base work on the cav make the unit really pop.
    Peace James

  2. Very nice work - the casualties look particularly good. Best, Dean

  3. Very nice indeed, glad to see someone else do the 10th, though yours are a tad bigger and so much nicer. Great work


  4. Great painting, love the casualty bases.

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  6. Yes they are really nice. Some of the best wargaming plastics I've seen. And they are quite cheap for the price too. Just hoping that they would do british heavy cavalry plastics too.

  7. Thanks for the comments guys!

  8. Like the casualty markers - still hoping to get a set of th Food for Powder rules to playtest? Cheers VFW

  9. Aaah the thunder of heavy cavalry ... nice!


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