Thursday, December 27, 2012

From Millsy: 28mm ECW Charles I & Edmund Verney (30 points)

Millsy presents to us Charles I (with his head) and Edmund Verney (with, well, all his parts). 

From Millsy:
Here are some more 28mm English Civil War mounted figures from Bicorne Miniatures. This time it’s Charles I, by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith. The King is accompanied by his most loyal servant Sir Edmund Verney, carrying the Royal Standard.

Lovely work, Millsy. I've alway really admired those Bicorne sculpts and you've done a brilliant job with them. (Hmm, I should do an 'After' version of Verney where all that is on the base is his hand still grasping the Royal Standard...)

These two will give him a base of 20 points but I'm going to give another 10 for the excellent basework and the proud Royal Standard (am I showing my true colours?).


  1. An extra 10 points? I must say these off-the-cuff hand outs are most welcome! I'll get my coat... ;-)

    1. To quote Mel Brooks (and Charles II): 'It's good to be the king.'

  2. Well worth the extra points, I really like these, poor Verney, not much call for him post Edgehill LOL


  3. Fantastic looking minis, painting style and basing are awesome!

  4. Great work, well deserving of the bonus points :)


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