Thursday, December 27, 2012

From MikeP: 6mm Napoleonic French Artillery (12 points)

The Mad Padre (Mike) enters the Challenge with a very nicely painted battery of 6mm French Napoleonic artillery.

From Mike:
My entry consists of four stands of Napoleonic French foot artillery, in 6mm scale, figures from Baccus.  
This is a new scale for me, and only my second group of Napoleonics figures in that scale.   I like the fact that it is a fairly forgivingscale to work in.  I painted these figures in a day and had the basing done within a second day.  That's incredibly fast for me.
So far I like the Baccus castings, and have several regiments of French infantry to do next.  The biggest learning curve for me in this period is the uniforms, but again, the scale is fairly forgiving so I don't worry too much about being challenged by grognards taking issue with the colour of facings on my figures.

Great work Mike! This battery will give him 12 points for his debute on the points board. Welcome Mike!

As an additional note, we now have over half the Ronin with scores on the points board - not a bad showing for the first week. Thank you all!


  1. A lot of work in these very small models, sir.
    Very nice.

  2. Nice work; they look like what they're supposed to be. I've yet to paint anything smaller than 1:72nd scale. 6mm is probably very good for Napoleonic grand-scale gaming. Best, Dean

  3. Nicely painted Mike! I do like Baccus figures.

  4. Really great detail for such small fellas great job


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