Thursday, December 27, 2012

From DaveD: 28mm Cowboys, Mexicans & Indians (88 points)

From Dave:
So it has been crack on time - all 28mm stuff . Clearing out the remainder of the unpainted for the Old West . With the campaign action starting next week some of them are going to be needed sharpish - one of the guys managed to role having his motley crew in the " Indian Territories" - so first up we have the  "Davaches Warband"  out for trouble and the only force guaranteed to unite the warring factions in the territiry.  These 9 figures are all by Artizan Designs  - the Apaches sets. 
Also the Trail Boss by Artizan I can't praise the Artizan Old West figures enough they have all been a joy to paint.
Next up the completion of the "Banditos" set and one of their victims - again all by Knuckleduster.   

Also another recreation of the "The retired Marshal" by Crusader Miniatures. I already have one in the collection. I have done this one as as present for a friend. Method in the madness of course as it will start his Old West collection.

Finally a mount for one of last years entries (The Man With No Name") - A mule from Irregular Miniatures. They are a great source for animals. This one has had a blanket added from greenstuff , and twisted copper wire "rope" bridle made. Don't go  frightening  the mule - you may have to apologise - and you know what that means - Get 3 coffins ready.....  

This now completes  painting all the outstanding Old West  miniatures  - and you  know what that means ... I will have to buy some more!!!

Now what to do next ......
Excellent work Dave! I love the pattern on the ponchos and you just can't deny Mr. Cogburn...

These rootin' tootin' bad lads will give Dave 88 points. YeeHaw!


  1. A wonderful collection of figures, love the Rooster Figigure!! Nice one Dave!!!

  2. And they truly are outstanding Wild West figures :)

  3. More great wild west figures, looking forward to that campaign


  4. Awesome entry! And a real treat to once again see the Man With No Name.

  5. Excellent work all around; love the backdrops too. Love the mule - "He gets this crazy idea that you're laughing at him." Dean

  6. These lads are fantastic great job with really nice detail and colours

  7. More nice work! I like the background!


  8. Excellent work Dave. The first group of Indians is exceptional, and I love what you have done with the patterns on the ponchos. Very impressive work, and if it gets your friend into gaming the period, then so much the better.

  9. Interesting group of figures have you seen the Blackwater Gulch line from Kickstarter - Interesting "new" look for an old hobby. Watch for a report after tomorrow on this set of rules and figures.


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